7 Nov 2007

A small back during Tech07 in Barcelona

Premierememt desole pour les fautes mais jutilise un clavier QWERTY et jai tres peu de temps libre donc... (je viens seulememt davoir te temps de prendre 5 min pour qller voir la mer qui est juste en face ;-). Si vous etes au TechEd passez sur le stand ATE jy serai...
First of all sorry for the mistakes, but I use a QWERTY keyboqrd ;-0 (I just took 5 minutes to see the sea which is just opposite of the CCIB). If you are TechEd in Barcelona come on WM ATE booth I will be there...
Premier retour sur les sessions :
.Net MicroFrameWork
- Commemt creer des devices de petite taille, peu couteux et peu gourmands en ressource... avec seulememt 100kb de RAM et un processeur low-cost. Le tout en C# sur un emulateur.Net MicroFramework ou un device. Je posterai des que possible un exemple dappli (Greg, je compte sur ta collaborqtion). http://www.adeneo-embedded.com/srt/en/document/show?location.id:=1359
- how to develop for tiny, inexpensive and tighly ressource-contrqined devices... required only a few 100 of kb of RAM and low cost processor. With VS, in C#, on emulator and or hardware platform. I will post very soon a post on how to create your first hello world application. (Greg, hope you will help me...) http://www.adeneo-embedded.com/srt/en/document/show?location.id:=1359

- News in CF3.5
WCF, LINK, debug tools...

- WPF (for desktop and a subset for .Net MicroFramework, but not supported on .Net CF)
Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) est la future generation de presentation graphique (IHM) pour Windows.
Cette couche fournit aux developpeurs et aux designers une programmation unifiee pour creer des IHM riches aui incorporent video, documents et autres...
Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) is the next-generation presentation sub-system for Windows.
It provides developers and designers with a unified programming model for building rich Windows smart client user experiences that incorporate UI, media, and documents.

- Microsotf Robotics Studio on Windows CE and Windows Mobile
Check out this:

- Patterns and Practices Mobile application Blocks...
Updater Application block
Configuration application block
Connection Monitor
Disconnected service agent...

Je dois y aller pour une autre session a une prochaine...
I must go for an other session see you later...

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