12 Nov 2008

Windows Mobile Smackdown Tech Ed 2008

Hi all,

I attended to a session called the Windows Mobile Smackdown. The Smackdown is a session where we show cool applications and solutions for Windows Mobile. I share with you the good links...

Jai assiste a une session appelee the Windows Mobile Smackdown. Le 'Smackdown' est une session ou sont presentees les applis et solutions sympas pour Windows Mobile. Voici quelques liens interessants...

Kinoma - http://kinoma.com/ - Kinoma Play is all you need to enjoy video, audio and pictures

MY MOBILER - http://www.mymobiler.com/ - View your mobile screen on your desktop

PowerSMS - http://www.trinketsoftware.com/Products.aspx - Manage your SMSs

Slingbox - http://www.slingmedia.com/ - access your TV from anywhere in the world on your device

Celio Redfly - http://celiocorp.com/ - A cool PDA Extender

Business Card Scanner - http://store.penpowerinc.com/mobile.html - take pictures of business cards and then OCR them straight into your contacts

Tiny Twitter - http://www.tinytwitter.com/ - access your twitter account and tweet from your device

Team Calendar - http://www.teamcalendar.com/ - Want to get access to colleagues schedules or diaries on your device?

Dashwire - http://www.dashwire.com/ - sync your device to a web service and access all your content online

Snap2Face - http://www.magnifoca.com/download_snap2face.html Access your Facebook photos and even upload new photos too

WiFi Router - http://www.wmwifirouter.com/ - use your Windows Mobile device as a Wi-Fi Router

Qik - http://www.qik.com/ - upload videos from your device straight to Qik

Guitar Hero 3 - http://www.guitarheromobile.com/ - Rock out to GH3 - now all we need is a Bluetooth mini guitar!

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