4 Apr 2007

First Post


My name is Fabien Decret and I'm a developer in ADENEO France. I'm working on projects using the Microsoft Compact Framework on Windows Mobile and Windows CE platforms...

In this blog, I will post tips, tutorials and examples for newbie or experts relating to .NET CF (Compact Framework) in particular for Windows Mobile API.

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Anonymous said...

Hi i have a weird requirement we are developing an application for windows mobile smart phone 5.0 in which we have to start an app when a SMS is received....... what i mean to say is we have to start the application when a specific type of SMS is sent to the device the device should automatically start the application as this is our first windows mobile app we do not have idea how to do it!!! any hint or links on this regard will really be helpful my email id is codesense@gmail.com

I did not find any email id in your blog so leaving a comment